Stereotypes Of Mistakes In Editing And APA In-Text Citations


Stereotypes Of Mistakes In Editing And APA In-Text Citations

           Every author while writing his essay or research paper concentrates on the context of the text, its structure, body parts, such as introduction, main body and conclusion. He reflects on its methodology and results. Unfortunately, each writer can easily forget about proper editing and APA formatting. But, every student should remember that properly cited and proofread paper is a way to success. If you have put all your efforts to write it and conducted a deep research, it does not mean that you will get good results. To ensure good results you need to be good at editing and know rules of APA citations. As a good alternative, you may contact online editing service and get rid of boring editing and formatting tasks.

          You can save much time on formatting when you know your weak sides and what to look for. Though all students repeat different mistakes in their written assignments, we tried to list the most common issues that arise in many papers. On the final step of proofreading and formatting of your paper, look out for the following stereotypes.

A good advice would be making notes of what errors you make the most often.

Mistakes in editing

- Spelling:

Examine each sentence of your manuscript carefully; it will help you to detect the trickiest mistakes. Note, that computer’s spellcheck will not give you accurate and thorough proofreading.

Do not feel outmoded to use dictionary if you are not sure about the spelling of a particular word. Pay attention to homonyms and homographs.

- Tautology and doubled words:

If you want to detect the slightest errors of your paper, you should read it slowly and aloud. Thus, you will be sure that you have not missed anything. Also, you should not meet any repeated words in one sentence.

- Sentence structure:

Ensure that each sentence has its Subject and Predicate.

Check if each sentence has an independent clause and make sure that dependent clauses do not stand alone.

If there is more than one independent clause, make sure that you used proper punctuation to separate the clauses.

Check to make certain that sentences with two main clauses are connected with comma and a conjunction (for instance but, for, so, yet, etc.).

- Check Subject and Verb agreement:

While checking subject and verb agreement make sure that it matches meaning and in number (plural, non-plural).

- Apostrophe:

Remember, that apostrophe is used not to show the plurality, but to indicate possession.

APA In-Text Citations

Avoiding following stereotypical APA errors will help you to make formatting easier and better:

- A lot of students forget to list the references in alphabetical order. It is very important not to forget that in-text references should be listed not by importance, but alphabetically. References should be located at the end of the paper. 

​- Verify spelling of authors’ names and year of publication for each source that you use in your text. There should be no inconsistency between the main body of the text with in-text citations and references.

- In-text citation should match references listed at the end of the text. Ensure that every citation in the text can be found in the reference list. Of course, you may hire an Editor to do it for you.