How To Detect A Professional Editor: 5 Tips?


How To Detect A Professional Editor: 5 Tips?

In the previous article we spoke about 5 Essential Tips For Professional EditingIn today’s post, we are going to determine the qualities the professional editor should have. We will also explain you how to find an editor for your written document.

  In academic writing, submitting your written document to an essay editor is an inevitable part of writing process from creating a first draft to final version. But, how can one be sure that he is going to work with professional?

First of all, you should answer one important question: Do you need assistance of professional editors? If your answer is Yes, it means that you have difficulties with English grammar rules, word order, sentence structure and also spelling. Having an editor is a good advantage for an author. First of all, an Editor will look at your written text from another perspective. He will be able to detect the slightest errors. An Editor may be a professional writer, but very often, it is an experienced reader. 

The qualities the professional editing should have

  • Clarity of expression and mind (A person who do not have a clarity of mind and expression is not able to judge about the other’s work explicitness. Editor should be able to assess the text basing on his own ideology and abilities)
  • Intelligence (A professional editor must have an ability to gain and apply his own knowledge and skills to evaluate written documents)
  • Accuracy (An editor should be clear, precise and correct)
  • Literacy (A professional editor should have perfect reading and writing proficiency)
  • Higher education (It is impossible to become a good Editor without high quality education and PhD diploma)
  • Objectivity (An editor always aims at objectivity while reading a written text, avoiding personal ideas and prejudice)
  • Vigilance (The main task of professional is to keep careful watch for possible mistakes in the text and check important facts)
  • Fast reading skills and speed (This quality is very important for timely delivery of the work to a customer. A good editor cannot work without an ability to perform work fast and qualitatively. An editor should read fast, think fast, quickly analyze and type)
  • Calmness (Editors work with different texts in various circumstances. In order to keep the adequacy and objectivity, an expert should remain calm in any situation. Very often, they have to stay calm and avoid emotional actions. It is important to practice adequate changes in editing process)
  • Skeptical attitude (Skepticism is a necessary quality for an editor. A professional should re-check every fact and do not take anything for granted)
  • Curiosity (Editors should have insatiable curiosity to develop facts and awareness of general knowledge)
  • Patience (An editor should have self-control and patience to work for hours, reading dozens of written text, examining it and pointing out the slightest mistakes)
  • Punctuality (It is important to be punctual and complete all necessary work on time in order not to let down the customer. Timely delivery is highly appreciated in editing phase)
  • Good imagination (It helps to write interesting stories and keep readers attention. For a professional Editor it is very useful to have good imagination because it may help to improve the quality of the paper)
  • Honesty and integrity (the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles as well as ethics is important for editors, because they have a temptation to break the rules of code of ethics)
  • Self-discipline (An expert in editing sphere should have the ability to control his own feelings towards what he reads, and overcome one's weaknesses; An editor should be able to persuade what one thinks is right may be wrong according to the standard rules)
  • Fearlessness (An Editor should be brave enough to add his own words in somebody’s manuscript or remove unclear excerpts)
  • Tactfulness (An editor should be tactful, he should have an ability to handle any type of the written text)
  • Mobility (An expert should be able to rearrange his working process easily if something urgent appears)
  • Diligence (And the most important quality is to be careful and persistent in work or effort).

All these traits of character and qualities have been selected and drawn up thanks to the people who work in our company and put all efforts to improve your texts!