Essay Editing: Top 10 Grammar Mistakes


Essay Editing: Top 10 Grammar Mistakes

          In this article, we decided to compose a list of Top 10 mistakes you should pay attention to while editing essays. We hope you have already found your best essay editing service that is ready to provide you online essay editing, but our tips will help you improve your own writing skills. This outline includes brief samples of the most common grammar mistakes and it will serve as a reminder of what you should not do while editing your papers.

          Essay editing services go deeply into your writings to maintain your style, punctuation and proper English. A qualified essay editor will make sure that your essay has no grammar mistakes and contains only verified facts. If you need someone who will be the first person to take a look at your manuscript and clean it up, you definitely need to appeal for help of Essay Editing Services. If you want to eliminate grammar mistakes and learn main common issues, you are welcome to take a look at following trouble spots. Avoiding all grammatical errors will make your writing more professional and relieve your professor from stress ;)

1)The first and the most common problem is presence of cumbersome and long sentences. Usually students think the longer a sentence, the cleverer it is. But it is not true. The longer a sentence, the more complex for understanding it can be. Try to avoid several clauses in one sentence because it can make it too confusing. Always express your thoughts in short sentences. Think about your readers and you will find a key to a balance.

2)Mistakes in subject-verb agreements. Usually students have problems with agreements of the verb and the subject. In order to avoid this mistake, try to isolate the verb and the subject in a sentence and see if they are agreed. Also, avoid long sentences with independent clauses.

3)Incorrect usage of commas. It is the most widespread mistake students do in their essays. Students tend to place a comma between two run-on sentences, or not to place commas at all. In order to avoid this problem you should either use a handbook with rules, or contact the expert Editor on

4)Split infinitive is a construction consisting of an infinitive with an adverb or other word inserted between to and the verb, e.g., ‘she seems to really like it.’. People speak with split infinitives in their real life that is why they may appear in writing. Editors always work to remove them to make the sentence sound less confusing and make it easier for readers.

5)Students do not verify information when citing it. If you use any information, you should verify it and properly cite it. Every in-text citation should correspond to the reference list. Most experts pay attention to proper citing and formatted reference list as well as to correction of grammar mistakes. So, it would be helpful if you verify the facts you are using before sending a paper for editing.

6)Misuse of the wrong words: Some students often confuse some words in English that have common spelling, such as ‘lie’ and ‘lay’. They tend to write down words like they sound to their ear. Learning English grammar rules may help to avoid such kind of problems in writing.

7)Absence of organization. Pay attention to your essay structure. A well-written essay should be structured and have three main parts: introduction, body paragraph and conclusion. Also, do not be afraid to use headings and sub headings. It will help you to show outline of the manuscript.

8)Wrong usage of apostrophe. All students are familiar with this mistake. It is important to remember that apostrophe is not used to indicate plurality. It is used to indicate the possession for nouns and omissions in contractions. For example, “Adam’s hat”, “They are – they’re”, etc.

9)Tautology. This problem shows the lack of language knowledge. The usage of synonyms will help you to avoid tautology in sentences.

10)Too many times authors make mistakes in the usage of prepositions. The most common mistakes in the use of prepositions are:

  • On and in;
  • Within and in;
  • Care for and care about;

          Definitely prepositions are very difficult, and if you do not want to fail in studying, you should better order professional college essay editing service. If you doubt that you can find all these errors in your text on your own, send your paper to Our experts know how to polish your manuscript to perfection!